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Secure Your Business Property The Right Way

To protect and secure your business, appropriate security measures should be in place no matter what kind of premises you operate from. It is important to have appropriate security measures in place on your premises, whether it be a commercial or industrial facility. For businesses that operate from these facilities, securing themselves against crimes such as robbery and vandalism should be a top priority in South Africa.

The negative impact of crime on businesses is a major issue in South Africa. We all want to protect our companies and the people we work with. According to, property-related crimes in South Africa were at 91 604 between April-June in 2021. Companies are investing more of their resources into security because neglecting it could bring about their downfall. One of the reasons why business owners have started to consider securing their properties is due to an increasing threat of burglary in South Africa. Some alternative threats businesses face include vandalism, property theft, shoplifting, armed robbery and asset theft.

Here are some of the things you can do to help keep your Secure Your Business:

1. Keep the building’s doors and windows locked at all times when the company is closed and no employees are there.
2. Install an alarm system that alerts you if anything goes wrong at your property.
3. Install a surveillance system with cameras in all areas of the building, including the parking lot.
4. Be sure to have adequate insurance coverage for both buildings and contents within the company premises.
5. Make sure you have good locks on doors. A back door should also be secured as well as any windows that aren’t easily accessible from outside so they’re not easy targets for thieves.
6. Your premises should be well lit, with enough light sources so no one can hide from you or sneak up on you when needed. NC Automation has a comprehensive list of products and services to help you secure your business or personal property. Although criminals will try anything to break-in if
they want something badly enough, our solutions make it harder, and sometimes impossible for them to access your property.

We offer the following products and services:

● Supply and installation of automated garage doors and gates
● We repair and install electric gate and garage door motors
● Supply and installation of intercom systems
● Supply and installation of access control
● Supply and installation of electric locks
● Supply and installation or electric fencing

The main thing is making sure people who work at the company feel secure about where they are working from day-to-day. Contact us for a free quote and get your property secured with NC Automation today. For the best automated service you deserve.

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